What is The Valentine Project?

We are a nonprofit organization that spreads love to children whose lives have been affected by a chronic illness by sending them gift boxes on Valentine's Day. Our outreach extends to current patients and survivors of chronic illnesses as well as to their siblings. By visiting the website, volunteers from anywhere in the world can choose a child's name and make a personalized Valentine's Day care package for that child. Then the volunteer sends the box to our home in Ohio, where FedEx packs and ships each box to the designated child.

How did The Valentine Project come to be?

The Valentine Project is a product of our experiences working with children with cancer and their siblings. We noticed that many patients and siblings do not look forward to Valentine's Day. Because of the physical, emotional, and cognitive side effects of cancer treatment, not to mention the absences from school, these children often do not receive much love from their peers on Valentine's Day. Going through cancer can be lonely for patients and siblings alike, and Valentine's Day often serves to highlight that loneliness.

Gradually, we learned that many of the social challenges that children with cancer face affect all children with chronic illnesses as well as their siblings. We expanded our outreach to reflect this.

How do I get involved?

Navigate to the top of the webpage and click on the "volunteer" tab to view a list of children waiting to receive packages this year. Click on any name to submit your information and sign up to send that child a package. Next, click on the "valentine package" tab for helpful and creative ideas on what to include in your package, as well as practical tips for how to organize and label your package before sending to us.