Sending a Care Package

Packages must arrive by January 25, 2017

Please address packages as follows:
#, First Name, Last Initial, Age, Gender
Morning Mist Farm
11592 McCallum Avenue NE
Alliance, OH 44601

If you are able, please include $10.00 with your care package to help defray shipping costs. THANK YOU!
NOTE: Contents of all care packages will be inspected and repackaged in a 12"x9"x6" shipping box provided by FedEx.

Here's How it Works


Fill your Valentine package with age appropriate items. Be creative! For some ideas, check out the pictures below to see what sponsors have sent in the past:

This package is perfect for a 10 year old girl.

Any little girl would be thrilled with these gifts.

A box brimming with toys and treats is always a hit.

This is a fun filled package for a young boy.

Toys are always a great idea.

A nice assortment of gifts for a teenage girl.

A soft blanket and stuffed animals are ideal for a baby.

This package is perfect for a little princess.