You have brought so much love & excitement to our house!!! Thank you very much! Those words don't even seem sufficient for the gratitude we have! Thank you!

--Sarah T.

This program is incredible! Thank you to all the people in charge of the program. My children felt so special receiving their package. So grateful to their sponsors for all the gifts. Blessing to such special people for volunteering to help not only my children with Mitochondrial Disease but also including their siblings. You have truly touched our hearts.

--Selena C.

Thank you so much for the Valentine's Day present! My six year old was so excited to receive an unexpected box in the mail and loved the goodies that were stuffed inside

--Michelle Y.

Kolby was SO excited for his package!! Thank you Cameron and The Valentine Project!

--Andria S.

To all your volunteers...God bless

--Debbie Y.

Thank you so much for the presents for Valentine's Day. The kids had so much fun opening them! Thank you for showing our kids love! Xoxoxo

--Stephanie M.

Akron Children's Hospital is pleased to endorse The Valentine many of our families have expressed how special their children felt as they received their very own Valentine gifts, delivered directly to their doorsteps. Siblings are especially appreciative, since they may feel left out when a child has a chronic illness. The Valentine Project,and the wonderful volunteers nationwide, have very special places in our hearts, and in the hearts of the children and families we serve.

--Dr. Sarah Friebert, Director
Haslinger Family Pediatric Palliative Care Center
Akron Children's Hospital

Thank you so much for delivering a package to my daughter. She suffers from seizures almost every day of her life, and really doesn't get excited about presents. One of the items in her gift box was a pair of warm, fuzzy, teddy bear slippers. She won't take them off! Our family is going through a really rough time right now and it was so kind of you to think of her. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart!

--Jessica I.

Colton & Peyton would like to say thank you to their sponsors! They loved their gifts!!! We love this project <3 Thanks for all that you all do - it is truly appreciated.

--Mandy L.

Thank you to Vanessa C.'s Valentine Project sponsor!! She loves all the presents in her gift box. She especially loved the puzzle and origami book. She already made a swan and put it on her dresser. She will be busy for days too! This gift made her feel so happy...we appreciate your thoughtfulness!! <3 <3

--Vanessa's Family

Thank you from Myla T., Johnny T., Zachary T. & Olivia Z. What a special project! So much thought put into each box and so much joy on the children's faces.

--The Family

Thank you so much for all your hard work. The gifts were awesome and my kids had so much fun getting into them. God bless you all.

--Meredith W.

Love love what you guys do!

--Carol B.

So proud to have been part of this project. If you are looking for a volunteer opportunity this is a great one!!

--Barb B.

A HUGE thank you for all you volunteers and supporters! You are all amazing! Faith continues her infusions and treatments and she was so excited about her gifts, but more importantly she was happy her sisters could join her in the experience and they got gifts as well! May God bless each and every one of you!

--Faith, Dylise, and Danyon's Mom