Be A Valentine

When you sign up to Be A Valentine, it means you agree to open your heart, harness your creativity, and create a Valentine Gift Box for a registered child.

After you sign up, you will be alerted when our Valentine Matching System goes live on December 21 so you may review and select from the list of children requesting a Valentine. Sign up early to get the first look at the matching list.

For privacy reasons, full names and addresses are not included but you will see the child’s first name, age, and gender. You may select one child or several! We ask that you include $10, along with your Gift Box, to help offset the cost of shipping your package to your child.

People often ask what they should include in their Valentine Gift Box and we leave that entirely up to you. Whatever you do, do it with love, and that child will feel cherished! You can send smiles across the miles in the form of toys, candy, games, and assorted gifts. We will share more examples soon in our “build a box” section of this website.

Click on the button here to share your love and sign up to Be A Valentine today!

Call On Cupid

Some folks prefer to Call On Cupid to create a customized Valentine Gift Box on their behalf. For a $65 donation via PayPal, our volunteers will select a deserving child for you, do all of the shopping, packing, and arrange delivery. You get all the credit and the child still gets miles of smiles!

Click on the button here to share your love and Call on Cupid to create your customized Valentine Gift Box!