Be A Valentine

What is a Valentine?
Someone who opens their heart to a child on our list
by sponsoring their Personalized Package of Love

Families navigating pediatric cancer or chronic illness diagnoses for their child(ren) face stress, heartbreak and new situations those outside may not understand. Often, we may wonder how to help or what to say or how to send love.

When you become a Valentine, you sponsor a package and send love and smiles straight to these families right when they need it. The Valentine Project steps in on your behalf. Our mission is to spread love, hope, and joy by sending packages brimming with loads of love and smiles, zero stigma attached.

Each child will receive a personalized package from their special Valentine (you!). The Valentine Project handles everything for you and the family receiving the package! Simply click "Choose a Child" below, create an account or log in, and view the list of children who are waiting for their very own Valentine. For privacy reasons, full names and addresses are not included, however, you will see the child’s first name, age, gender, and location. To fully cover a package as a Valentine, we ask for a donation of $50 for each child you sponsor

Together we can make Valentine’s Day full of loads of love for all the children on our list. Simply use the form below to seamlessly donate today, or select a specific option for your donation

♥  When you sign up to be a Valentine you open your heart 

and make Valentine’s Day magical for a child on our list  ♥


You may choose a child directly or support/sponsor a child monetarily.

♥Perhaps, you may consider sponsoring a child’s package in honor of someone you know ♥

Become a Valentine

Click on the button here to share your love and sign up to Become A Valentine today! You will be sent to register at our Valentine Matching Website, where you can choose a child. Returning Valentines, you’re all set, so please click below and log in!

 Please open your heart
to as many children as you are able.