Make Kindness Cards

Anyone, anywhere, of any age, can become a Kindness Cards Partner and help cultivate compassion year-round to children affected by pediatric cancer or chronic illness.

This wonderful program of The Valentine Project is a great way to use your time and talent to create personalized greeting cards that spread love, hope, and joy to kids throughout the United States all year long! Why do we do it? Because who doesn’t like to get mail!? These children’s lives are challenging, so let’s show them there are people out there who care.

So, gather your friends, family, or group and make some Kindness Cards. As you make the cards you’re not only raising awareness and opening your heart, but you’re guaranteed to have some fun and share a few laughs in the process! It’s a great activity for all ages.

Here’s How it Works:

  • Get your creative juices flowing and make a greeting card with your own personal message. You can buy store-bought cards or let your imagination run wild and create them from scratch with construction or decorative paper, markers, stickers and more!
  • Cultivate compassion by making cards with your family, kids or grandkids, or invite your adult friends or work colleagues over for a “Card Party” and make lots of Kindness Cards!
  • You (or any organization you belong to – work, school, club, neighborhood group, church, etc.) can host an event at your home, workplace, community center, school… anywhere people have space to make cards. You can also schedule a Kindness Card Party at the Valentine House. Just send an email to [email protected] and we will schedule a mutually convenient date to host your group.
Helpful How-Tos:

  • Cards are sent to children through 21 yrs. all year long and are not holiday-specific
  • Get creative & have some fun when you design your card.
  • Avoid “gems” or raised objects – they increase postage.
  • The only thing written on the outside should be a joke or riddle. 
  • The Valentine Project will personalize and hand-address each card. 
  • Keep in mind these cards are meant to bring a smile to a child’s face and even a bit of laughter to the entire family. Light humor is encouraged, such as a riddle or family-friendly joke.
  • Kindness cards are meant to serve as a break from health concerns and their main purpose is to add an unexpected burst of love when least expected. Because of that, please refrain from using words of encouragement, such as “stay strong,” “get well,” etc., or anything religious.
  • Sign your card with your first name followed by Friend of
  • All cards can be sent to The Kindness Card House.
  • Place each card in a separate unsealed envelope, and add appropriate postage. Due to the confidential nature of the children’s identities, the name of the recipient must be kept private. The Valentine Project will add the child’s first name to the inside of the card and will address the envelope before mailing.
  • Place all of the finished cards in their unsealed envelopes into a larger envelope to mail to us (details below.)
  • All cards will be mailed out to children affected by pediatric cancer or chronic illness by The Valentine Project. The more cards you make, the more cards we can mail, and the more love we’ll spread! Cards are sent all year long.

Mail or Deliver Cards to:

The Kindness Card House
3469 Edgewood Drive
Stow, OH 44224

Know someone who you think should receive a Kindness Card?
Click here to sign them up!

Questions? email [email protected]