Get a Valentine Gift Box!

At The Valentine Project, we recognize that when a child is diagnosed with cancer or a chronic illness, it affects the entire family. This time of year, people from around the world are eager to sign up to be your child’s Valentine. One of those Valentines will choose to create a customized Valentine Gift Box, especially for your child… sending smiles across the miles!

Children from birth to 21 years are eligible to receive a Gift Box made with love for Valentine’s Day. Registering is easy, and Valentine Gift Boxes are complimentary.

Most important, your information is kept strictly confidential. When a Valentine signs up to select a child, they will only see the child’s first name, age, and gender. Complete shipping information is available only to The Valentine Project staff unless you choose to allow one of our volunteers to hand deliver your Gift Box/es.

Click here to register your children to receive a complimentary Valentine Gift Box.