A Valentine Package delivered to your doorstep, for each child in the home!

Since 2010 The Valentine Project has been cultivating compassion while spreading love, hope, and joy by sending surprise packages brimming with love for Valentine’s Day. This year is no different, and each child on our list will receive a package from their very own Valentine. We hope that your entire family will feel the love inside each package. As always, siblings are included in our outreach. The Valentine Project Family is committed to making sure each child on our list knows they are loved and cherished, especially on Valentine’s Day. At The Valentine Project, we recognize a serious diagnosis affects the entire family. Individuals from around the world are eager to sign up to be your child’s Valentine. One of those Valentines will choose to make Valentine’s Day magical for your child, and that’s how we send smiles across the miles. Register today and let The Valentine Project send a little love your way.

Children from birth to 21 years are eligible to receive a package filled with love for Valentine’s Day, so be sure to register any siblings. Registering is easy, and Valentine Packages are complimentary.

Most important, your information is kept strictly confidential. When a Valentine signs up to select a child, they will only see the child’s first name, age (please enter developmental age), and gender you selected for the package. Complete shipping information is available only to The Valentine Project staff unless you choose to allow one of our volunteers to hand deliver your Gift Package. 

Registration to receive a personalized package for Valentine’s Day 2023 is now full. We would still like to send some love your way, so click here for our Kindness Card Program.