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When a child receives a life-altering or life-threatening diagnosis, it affects the entire family. Forever. The Valentine Project sends anonymous gifts to the child and his or her siblings right at home. Away from doctors and monitors. These moments of joy and smiles are for the entire family, to remember they are not alone.

Our Vision Is To Spread Love, Hope, Joy One Smile At A Time


Who We Serve

Who We Serve
We recognize a serious diagnosis affects the entire family. While most support for pediatric cancer is for the child alone, the Valentine Project serves the entire family facing pediatric cancer and/or chronic illness. Click to hear more about why we expanded service to chronic illness and siblings.

How We Serve

How We Serve
When you sign up to Be A Valentine, you are sending more than a package. Your support shows the entire family that there are in fact still so many good people in this world. We come along side the family to provide even the briefest moments of joy and normalcy.

How You Can Serve Today

How You Can Serve Today
From easy donations, to Kindness Cards, Packaging Pals, Book Buddies, and Becoming a Valentine to sponsor a child (or 2) there are many ways to get involved right now! Every dollar is vital to ensuring each child receives the perfect package for them right to their home. Choose How You Can Help a Family Today

Latest Campaigns

Make a Kindness Card

Send Smiles Year Round!

Gather your friends, family, or group and make some Kindness Cards. As you make the cards you’re not only raising awareness and opening your heart, but you’re guaranteed to have some fun and share a few laughs in the process! It’s a great activity for all ages.
Kindness Card Partners help cultivate compassion year-round to children affected by pediatric cancer or chronic illness.

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