Follow These Simple Steps to Build the Perfect Valentine Gift Box!

Print the email you received that lists the child/children you selected.

Download and print The Valentine Project Gift Box tags, choose your favorites and trim out on the dotted line.

Fill out two (2) tags per child based on the information provided in the email in Step 1.

Attach one tag to the outside of your Gift Box and one to the inside so your creation is delivered to the right child!

If mailing your Valentine Gift Box to The Valentine Project headquarters, gather your packing materials:

  • IF YOU ARE SHIPPING your Valentine Gift Box/es, you will need a sturdy cardboard packing box large enough to accommodate all of the Gift Box/es you have created. It will save you a lot on shipping vs. sending each child’s Valentine Gift Box in its own container!
  • IF YOU ARE DROPPING OFF your Valentine Gift Box, you may deliver it in a box or a plastic kitchen-sized trash bag with your gift tag attached to the inside and outside of each package.
  • Please make sure each Valentine Gift you create for an individual child will fit inside a box no larger than 20″ x 12″ x 9.” (This is the maximum size The Valentine Project can accommodate when individually shipping each Gift Box to its destined child. Items you send will be placed into a beautiful handmade pillowcase and then will be placed into the mailing carton.)
  • Whether you are wrapping your items individually or putting them into a nice gift bag, consider using a plastic kitchen sized trash bag as a “container” for your items, tied with a loose knot at the top. Add the gift tag to both the inside and outside of that bag for delivery when shipping or a Drop-Off location. It is a great way to ensure loose items (like wrapped candies or other small treats) do not fall out of the gift packaging.

  • Packing tape


  • Scissors


  • Bubble wrap or another packaging “filler” material

Create your Valentine Gift Box by including age-appropriate toys, gifts, puzzles, and candy … anything you think would warm a child’s heart!

You may put items inside an actual gift box or bag, or deliver them loose like this illustration. When we receive your Gift Box, your items will be placed into a custom-made pillowcase for your child and then into a separate cardboard shipping box.

Please include $10 per box in cash, a check made payable to The Valentine Project, or click here to donate via PayPal. These funds are essential in helping offset shipping costs.

Make sure the total weight of each Valentine Gift Box does not exceed 8 pounds.

If mailing your box, when you are finished packing, seal your box. Then, click the state where your child lives to download and print the shipping/delivery label for The Valentine Project: Ohio or California

Choose and cut out the label you like best and tape it to the outside of the box. 

Hand deliver your package to The Valentine Project Ohio Headquarters or San Francisco location or arrange delivery with the United States Postal Service, UPS, FedEx, or another carrier.

Your selected child/children’s heart will fill with love, hope and joy when they receive your Valentine Gift Box!