Marvelous Masks Maker

Learn how to become a Marvelous Masks Maker and why wearing a mask is so important right now!

At The Valentine Project, we know that a serious childhood illness can turn an entire family’s life upside down. The COVID-19 pandemic has been a scary time for all of us, but just imagine being told that if your child became infected with COVID-19, they would not survive. For the families we serve, there is no need to imagine— this is their reality.
Staying at home is tedious for some, but the families we serve do not have the option of being “bored at home.” They are forced to face hospitals, the hotbeds of COVID-19, to receive lifesaving treatments. We seek to arm children who are fighting serious illness with a weapon backed by scientific evidence: a face mask. Research shows that face masks can slow the transmission of the coronavirus. You can help shield these brave children by participating in our Wear One –> Share One program. First, purchase a mask for yourself, so that you will not spread the infection to others— this is important because even people with no symptoms can spread the virus. Then, we will donate a mask to children on your behalf. In times of uncertainty, our common humanity is revealed in how we treat the most vulnerable among us. Participate in caring for the most vulnerable by buying a mask today. Just click here Wear One –> Share One. Annie wears her mask to protect you. Won’t you do the same for her? If you are able to sew, please become a Marvelous Masks Maker and make masks for The Valentine Project to provide to children who need them in order to stay safe.  The Valentine Project has partnered with Jen Reviews ( where you can find information about patterns and how to sew masks.

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