Non-profit spreading love to childhood cancer patients needs donors


by Christina Williams | Toledo, OHIO (WTVG)  

A non-profit that works to spread cheer to children with cancer or a chronic illness on Valentine’s Day is asking for help.

“The Valentine Project” was created in 2010 by Greg and Michaela Margida. The idea is to celebrate a holiday that many children look forward to but adults tend to forget about.

Michaela survived brain surgery when she was a child. At age 5, she had a brain tumor removed. She fully recovered and today is teaching classes and finishing her PhD at the University of Toledo.

In her spare time, Michaela and the rest of her family are busy running “The Valentine Project.” It is a true labor of love. When the project started in 2010, the Margidas helped 80 children. This year they are on pace to provide special gifts on Valentine’s day to nearly 1,000 children dealing with cancer and their siblings across Ohio and in San Francisco, where the co-founder of the charity now lives.

Margida says it’s amazing to see the grassroots project take off but the increase in requests from hospitalized patients brings an increased need for donations.

The group is asking for people to sponsor a child and make them a box before the holiday. There are still 250 children in need of care packages or a sponsor.

If you would like to sponsor a child or make a care package, click the link on the left. That takes you to

Volunteers must sign up by January 25th. Shipping costs are growing so monetary donations are also appreciated.

You can also email Michaela Margida at [email protected] for further information or to coordinate a drop-off.

Facebook contact:
Twitter: @ValentineProj
Instagram: the_valentine_project

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